Saturday, May 29, 2010

The end of the first mockups iteration

Last week was very busy for me. Unfortunately, I spent most of my time no my study duties. An exam session is fast approaching, so in next 3 weeks the situation will not be better. But as I promised, during second part of week, I am working full time on my project.

So, here are missing mockups of future Aptitude Qt GUI:

Changes Preview tab:

Only one "Preview Tab" can be opened at the same time. Changes will be live updated here.


Perform Changes tab:

This time I am not too innovative. I think that current Aptitude GTK design for this tabs is quite intuitive and good-looking, so I have added only minor tweaks.

To sum up mockups topic, below are links to all presented mockups (with some comments which raises during my recent private discussions). Now, I am open for any suggestions and comments about current design. At the end of next week, second iteration will be presented. Depending of the level of required changes there could be third iteration, before sending mockups to Piotr "Patpi" Pełzowski, who is the person behind Kadu Usability Project. I am glad that he agreed to spend his spare time and help me with this task :)

Packages tab:

This tab in second iteration will have only small changes. I was told that will be nice to select multiple categories at the same time. I agree, so categories list will support multi selection. There will be also an option in configuration window (There is no mockup now. Currently, I do not know what option will be configurable and it is not the most important thing at this stage. The window will be patterned upon KDE configuration windows) to move this list on the right side of this tab.

It will be possible to have multiple "Packages tabs" opened at the same time. It will not be allowed to close first "Package Tab". Ctrl + T shortcut, action in main menu and toolbar (I have forgotten about toolbar in this iteration - maybe it is not necessary?) will open new tab. There will be also an option that each text search will do this. I will try to add shortcuts wherever is it possible to allow using the GUI without mouse.

"Show changes" button will be change to "Resolve dependencies" when necessary.

Updates widget:

Most of the comments from "Packages tab" apply here too. In the table showing updates will be also "Current Version" column.

Package Informations tab:

Only one clarification: multiple "Packages Informations" tabs for the same package will not be allowed.

I am looking forward to read any comments regarding presented design. Please leave comment below this post or contact me directly (see About Me page).

On Monday/Tuesday I will write first weekly report.



  1. Hi, and congrats for this initial mockup'ing!

    I'd make the "Short changes summary" much much smaller (one package/line): it's a summary and it should offer a one-sight overview on what is going to happen if/when I chose to go on with the changes: don't waste too much space with titles and headers and packages description. What is of interest is (in decreasing order): 1) package name 2) version to which it will get {up,down}graded 3) actual installed version.

    If I want the descriptions I'll click on said pacages.



  2. Hi, I'm just curious about what app you used to make the mockups. I realy like the clean presentation.

  3. I don't particularly like the Resolve Dependencies button. In my opinion, a package manager should resolve dependencies in the background (unless it can't figure it out, in which case the "Resolver" should appear), and should only inform me of dependencies at the "Changes Preview" screen.

    I'd also be interested in knowing what program you're mocking these up in. :)

    Thanks for your work!

  4. Thanks for your comments. I am sorry for such delayed response, but I have been overwhelmed by my study duties :/

    Which mockup you had in mind? Changes Preview? Please be more specific, because now I am not sure how I should answer :)

    @Andrew D.:
    The Resolv button will show only when it will be necessary. Of course dependencies will be automatically resolved as in every modern package manager. :)

    @Jonarne, @Andrew D.:
    I have used Balsamiq web demo from: site

    Thanks for all your comments! I really appreciate it :)

  5. Regarding OdyXs comment, I would assume he talked about the first mockup (Changes Preview).
    At least I do find it irritating that the information is not in a table like format (one line per package) like the ncurses frontend displays the information. If the screen is not wide enough to show package name, (part of) short description, current and new version, your layout seems to make sense, but on todays screens this is hardly ever the case, even on netbooks.


  6. Coś w rodzaju konkurencji Ci rośnie.