Friday, May 21, 2010

Short project update

Hello all.

Last week I was very busy, due to my university duties. On Tuesday I had my first exam in this semester (in Numerical Analysis), which took me more time than I had thought it would be.
From this reason my project is slightly behind schedule, but now I will do my best to catch the plan.

On the other hand, there are also some good news for me. Some time ago, Daniel Burrows migrated aptitude repository from mercurial to GIT. I am git user for nearly year, so I strongly support this move ;) .

Here are some basic thoughts which functionalities good package manager must have (and which approach (from aptitude-gtk, synaptic and adept) I like the most):
  • upgrade packeges with good conflict resolution - aptitude conflict resolver is the most advanced. Without a doubt, it has to be in Qt version
  • fast searching and installing new packages - I prefer synaptic/yast approach with categories on the left and packages on the right, with single click behavior from KPackegeKit/adept (single click shows package description under selected package and with detailed informations available in new tab - as in aptitude-gtk)
  • viewing detailed package informations
  • downgrading, holding etc
  • fetching packages list, cleaning cache etc
All of this will be elaborated in mockups. Am I forgetting something important?

The most important questions is: "What is the most common use case for package manager? Installing packages or upgrading packages?". I am not sure if this two actions require different views, or there should be only new category in install package view.

This is all now. More updates (and mockups) will be available today's midnight (or tomorrow morning). So please stay tuned :)

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